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Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide high quality assessment and treatment for mental health difficulties using what we call The New Standard of Care, which is based on a broader understanding of welness including: Physiology, Cognition and SpiritualityWe utilize the most effective and innovative approaches and techniques in the field of healthcare today to craft comprehensive and individualized treatment plans in collaboration with our clients and their families to achieve their goals.


We help folks that are looking for real holistic assessment and treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. Our clients are looking for practical strategies and techniques that make a difference for symptoms right now, but also address the "trunk" of the problem over time. We help people find the most effective strategies among the many treatment options that exist today. Our clients often value the role of physiological and spiritual work as well. They want to be seen as a unique person and addressed in that way. Many of our clients have used traditional talk therapy to varying degrees of success, but are looking for something more.


We practice integrative counseling, doing our best to treat the whole person by addressing issues from a holistic perspective and incorporating physiology, cognition and spirituality. We make a unique 'recipe' for each client, but our approach is usually based on cognitive therapy, which utilizes a holistic and integrative approach to treatment.


Feel free to reach out and let us know what you are looking for. We are team players, if we don't have what you need, we will recommend a fitting place, program, professional or other solution. Our goal is to help you to get yourself on the right track to recovery, stability, wellness and life fulfillment.

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