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Integrative Mental Health Consultation

For many individuals and families, the world of holistic, natural medicine and integrative medicine is overwhelming and they do not know where to begin. One of the things that we are able to help with is guiding you through the process by helping to figure out which resources, modalities, centers, practitioners or institutes would be the most beneficial. We help you learn about and identify ideal modality and interventions for your own unique mental health challenge.


Out of all the different therapies, what should be first? Nature medicine, acupuncture, yoga, EFT, TAT, EMDR, schema therapy, residential programs, naturopathic medicine, nutritional deficiency evaluation, a robust fitness program, homeopathy, body work, medications... We develop a prioritized action plan with our clients, a map through the maze. We are able to provider services such as individual, family and couples cognitive therapy, but for anything we don't provide, we will form a map and an action plan for the patient or family that involves an exploration of other resources. We will help you find which places and practitioners are reliable along with useful alternatives. We educate, discuss and help prioritize with clients the action steps and resources that would be most helpful to them.

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