Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane. One of my teachers Gedale Fenster (check out YouTube) really emphasizes the stay in your lane idea. Too often we get involved with other peoples business thinking about how they’re responsible for this....if it wasn’t for then then I’d be able to handle this or be happy….

But the hard truth the face for all of us is that really It’s none of my business. It’s not of my business what she’s wearing none of my business how she talks to me it’s none of my business what’s going on in my bosses personal life is none of my business why you are doing this and that.

It’s my job to stay in my lane and focus on my role in the situation what I’m doing to grow....and what they do.... thats between them and God.

At the end of the day ...My job is to stay in my lane and stay focused on my impact on other people. If we all convinced ourselves to stay more focused on our impact on others instead of their impact on us… We would be more engaged less self-absorbed and less depressed.

May God give us strength to stay in our lane.

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