God Sent the Medication

Client today told me how she received a miracle. Anyone in the mental health care field client or practitioner or family member will understand. Her son, psychoaffective disorder, in a period of instability with light psychosis. He’s residence Cali, she‘s in Chicago. Living in Chic town with her. He‘s off meds. Can’t get a hold of the monthly medication Invega Sistena. Found a pharmacy in Cali that she could get his prescription sent to Illinois witrout a Hipaa sign off, across state lines. Then it arrived and she googled (”urgent care clinic for people with no insurance in Illinois’s) and she found and went to urgent care clinic that could administer his highly restricted psychiatric med... found it on south side a doctor who agreed to administer it and upon arrival 20 minutes later, her son had injection. Only 40 dollar out of pocket. He is now stable. Revealed Miracle.

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